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Writing & Editing Services

Delivering high-quality collateral advancing client initiatives. Wordsmith Documentation Services (WDS) supports commercial, foundation, nonprofit, and government clients with writing, desktop publishing, editing, and proofreading solutions.

Our Services

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Our Services

IT Services & Security Solutions

Document Management

WDS supports writing and editing. We provide high-quality collateral to clients in the commercial, foundation, nonprofit and government sectors.



  • Writing

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Editing &

  • Proofreading

Knowledge Management

WDS supports the management of client content. We create, archive and source your content existing and customized collateral.

Data Analysis

WDS supports data analysis. Using customer intelligence and competitor analysis, we develop data analysis tools. WDS leverages competitor and customer data to develop a sales strategy.

RFP & Tender Management

WDS supports RFP and tender management. Using collaborative tools, we can help you respond and submit RFPs for commercial, government and nonprofit agencies.

Grant Administration

WDS supports grant writing and administration. Using collaborative tools, we can help you respond and submit grants for commercial, foundation, nonprofit and government agencies.


WDS provides consulting support for our suite of writing, desktop publishing and editing services:

  • Document Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Editing & Proofreading

  • Data Analysis

  • RFP &Tender Management

  • Grant Writing & Administration


“Speedy, organized and very knowlegeable!”

Construction Firm

Ready to find out more?

WDS supports a customer-focused approach to writing, desktop publishing and editing.  We help clients manage their documents, knowledge and data. Contact us for a free evaluation.

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